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Managing business travels can be really complicated when you are doing it all alone. So, to make the things easier, Southwest Airlines has come up with a platform called Swabiz (Southwest Business). SWABIZ makes travel management easy. Wherever your business takes you, SWA is there to help you make it reliable and easy. It manages approximately 3800+ departures on a daily basis with 100+ destinations on its map including 13 international destinations. SWA is the lifeline of North America and its people.

Benefits of SWABIZ

  • It has simple contracts providing value for your travelers and your company that saves both time and money.
  • You get an expanded and dedicated account management team that is the extension of yours.
  • You get customized solutions to reduce your travel costs, including specially negotiated point-of-the-sale discounts.
  • You can access everyday low Southwest fates through any channel of your choice.
  • It has a great network of flights and nonstop routes to meet your business travel needs.
  • It also offers a service called Rapid Rewards which is an award-winning loyalty program offering customized traveler loyalty perks to each traveler having this card.
  • Swabi users are not charged the change fees and they are allowed to carry two bags for free. This is called transfarency.

Different Types of Plans offered by SWABIZ

It has a plan for just any business. At present there are three plans in its kitty.

SWABIZ – Self Service

Its self-service tool is free and easy to use having features designed for the businesses that follow a do-it-yourself approach to manage their business travel. There are no charges for any enrollment or reporting and you get access to the lowest Southwest Airlines fares.

  • Swabiz offers programs, exclusive promotions, and travel incentives to help you save more and spend more on other things.
  • It provides online tools to keep your travel spend and unused funds at your fingertips.
  • Your travelers can earn points with SWA’s Rapid Rewards program.Southwest Airlines Destinations Map

SWABIZ – Managed

SWA’s dedicated account managers will work with you to create a travel program that works best for you and is based upon your company’s travel policies. You get multiples benefits-

  • SWA’s account managers specializes in business travel needs including data analysis, budget and program activation.
  • You can use corporate booking tool GDS or SWABIZ to access lowest fare rates.
  • The contracts are simple with full transparency.
  • Rapid Rewards program rewards your people and offer points for every flight booking. These points can be redeemed on different things.

SWABIZ – Meetings/Groups

You can book together to save more. If you are looking to book for a large group of people together, it helps you manage all the travel arrangements for people while helping you meet your bottom line. You are eligible for extra discounts if you are 150 people or more from different cities. But you should convey this at least 90 days prior with some basic meeting information.

Southwest Business Distribution Channel Functionality and Features

Features SWABIZ SPS Travelport GDS Amadeus GDS Sabre GDS
Integrated Display No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Promotional Fares Yes Yes No No No
Last Seat Availability Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Seat Availability Indicator Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Deferred Ticketing No Yes Yes Yes Yes
ARAC Settlement No No Yes Yes No
Change/Modify Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Cancel Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reusable /Refundable Ticket Management Yes Yes Yes Yes No
EarlyBird Check-In Yes Yes No Yes No

Kindly note the following things:

  • The SPS experience might vary on the basis of your booking tool of TMC.
  • As BBR has limited functionality, the content and processes that Sabre GDS can support are limited.
  • The itinerary changes are allowed prior to ticketing.
  • SWABIZ and SPS issue you the reusable funds to a Residual Travel Funds (RTF) document that you can use for future purchases via different sales channels.
  • ARC settlement issues reusable funds to a Miscellaneous Charge Order (MCO) document that can be used for future purchases via GDS.
  • The Basic Booking settlement issues reusable funds to an RTF document that can be used for future purchases via Southwest directly.
  • RTFs are not the valid form of payment in any GDS.
  • For EarlyBird Check-In, an additional fee is incurred.

About SwaBiz

  • You can book hotels and rental cars directly.
  • It provides robust reporting including the unused travel fund report for all your travelers.
  • You get Southwest full fare inventory along with last seat availability.
  • You get direct billing solution with SWABIZ Ghost Card.

About SWABIZ Partner Service (SPS)

  • You get access to Southwest flight inventory.
  • Book, modify, cancel, defer bookings, apply unused funds etc.
  • Access all discounts if applicable.
  • Purchase EarlyBird Check-In.

About Global Distribution System (GDS)

  • All flight inventory is available to GDS partners.
  • E-ticket settlement via ARC
  • Self-service itinerary modifications.
  • Last seat availability.
  • Real-time inventory confirmation.

Southwest Business Customer Support

If you have any questions on SWABIZ and how Southwest Airlines® can help your company save money, please call 1-888-479-2249 (Monday to Friday, 5:00 A.M. – 12:00 A.M. CT). If you have questions about Meetings or SWABIZ, contact at swabiz@wnco.com. If you have general inquiries, contact at SouthwestBusiness@wnco.com.Swabiz Travel manager Login

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about SWABIZ. See if these are enough to solve your queries.

How can I change, cancel, or request a refund for my travel that I have booked through SWABIZ?

It can be done directly from the SWABIZ account.

What does have a Traveler Account do for me?

Having a SWABIZ Traveler account lets you auto-populate all of your traveler’s information, such as name, date of birth, RR number, pre-check KTN, etc., saving you a lot of time!

Is there a Direct Bill option in SWABIZ?

The SWABIZ Ghost Card feature allows your travelers to charge their reservations to your company’s credit card without even revealing your credit card’s account or billing information. This saves you and your travelers’ time and money on reimbursement and administrative costs!

How do I track various work groups in my organization at once?

SWABIZ free-form Internal Reference Number field lets you assign a word, a number, or an alpha-numeric value to each reservation (i.e. Sales, Tech, e023500, etc.) making it easy to identify, prioritize, and/or lump each group, team or department together while running your travel report.

How many company managers can access one travel account?

A SWABIZ account can have as many limited / full accesses to Company Travel Managers as needed. Plus, full-access CTMs can add other CTMs to the account too.

Will my SWABIZ account expire?

Your SWABIZ account remains active for 6 months after your last reservation transaction (i.e. the initial booking, itinerary change, cancellation, etc.) If your account deactivates due to a lack of activity, you can call the SWABIZ Help Desk @ 1-888-479-2249 to requesting to reactivate it. Kindly note that after an account is reactivated, it only remains active for one month unless there is a reservation transaction.

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